About Ethiopia



Ethiopia isa country which is situated in the East part of the African continent. Once known as Abyssinia. Currently it is a home to approximately 100 million people from as many as 80 different ethnic tribes on a land measuring an area of 1,106,100 square kilometers. Ethiopia is a land of extremes, a land of remote and wild places.  The country embraces the remarkable jaggedly carved Simien Mountains particularly the highest peak Ras Dashen (4620 meters above sea level) also known as ‘The Roof of Africa’ and some of the lowest, such as the fascinating Danakil Depression (116 meters below sea level). Ethiopia has many rivers; one of the rivers, Blue Nile begins its journey here and crosses 6 other countries to be the longest river in the world.

The largest lake in the country is Lake Tana located in the north of the country in one of the nine regions known as Amhara.

Ethiopian rift valley is part of great East African rift valley system, encompasses 6 lakes in the southern part of the country which are the habitats of birds, mammals/marine life, like hippos and crocodiles. 

Ethiopia also presents one of the most stunning natural environments in Africa. Because of the size of the country, and the great variety of its landscapes and climate, Ethiopia represents all that Africa has to offer.

Welcome to a country with 13 months of sunshine, a country which has a unique calendar , a country which is the cradle of humankind and a country where many travelers  writers agrees on the statment  ‘ To try to describe Ethiopia would be to belittle it’. No other place on earth is quite like it. That’s why we are forced to focus on a single statement that will bring all of us together to the
same page ‘seeing is believing’ Indeed, ‘seeing is believing’. So come visit Ethiopia and give your own genuine witness.

Come to Ethiopia to the majestic natural and cultural beauties of highest splendor and make an unforgettable discovery of life time!