Here below, you will see a list of services we provide.

Our Services Include

  • Historical and Natural Tours
  • Festivals Ceremonies Tour
  • Cultural Tours
  • Trekking & Hiking Holidays
  • Adventure Tours
  • Horse Riding Tour
  • Bike Riding Tour
  • Study/Educational Tours
  • Chauffeured Car Hire
  • Hotel and Flight Bookings
  • Religious Tours
  • Day/Multiday Excursions
  • Honeymoons
  • Family Tour

Simien Summit Tour’s  Specialities

  • Group and individual tours
  • Competitive and Affordable price
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Masterfully skilled and Qualified staff
  • Reliable Guidance Service
  • Customer Handling System
  • Well equipped with Cars and Camping gears
  • Special Care and treatment for families
  • Keenness to Accept any inquiries
  • Trip advising and counseling
  • Efficiency and Competence

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At Simien Summit Tours we, take the responsibility of planning and providing a diverse range of exciting and informative tours for medium to high end travelers to Ethiopia’s numerous fascinating historical, cultural and natural destinations. We can plan the travel needs of all visitors from the single individual to a group of 30 or more.


Are you confused on when and how you are going to spend your valuable time here in Ethiopia? Well then leave everything to us and focus on relaxing yourself because we are here all prepared to arrange tours which covers history, culture, birding, photography, wildlife, nature, adventure, trekking, horseback riding, cycling, exploration and much more.


What is a tour without a magnificent and spectacular view of each and every detail of the attraction you are visiting? That’s why we always make use our utmost effort to provide you a tour with an outstanding and breath-taking spectacular panoramic view in every destination you are at. While you are living the moment as it passes, you can also take photos from different angle to show your loved ones what a memorable time spent.


When it comes to camping, we provide you with full camping gears and equipment with support crew and evenings will be spent sitting around a lilting camp fires wondering at the naturally decorated stars on the sky, telling stories, or listening to the latest Ethiopian music hits. There will also be plenty of opportunities to interact with the local communities like buying locally made handicrafts from the children and taking part in coffee ceremonies in one of the mountain villages.